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Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

Principal Message

From the Principal's Desk....

"A school's foundation is laid by its students as well as well-rounded faculty. I have always dreamt of developing a school where a child can acquire quality education and lessons for life. Character building and instilling moral values is the motto of the school. I aspire to bridge the gap between students and education. Education cannot be gained in a couple of days. It takes years of hardships, education and knowledge is imparted best in course of time with fun learning lessons and activity based learning.

Communication is major part of social skills. Education helps in developing the same.

This student friendly curriculum not only involves classroom teaching and taking assessment exams but multifaceted development where students undergo innovative thinking and curiosity to learn more. In this technological era, WWPS proudly announces to be one of the first schools in the area to be a fully technologically operated school.

I would take this opportunity to thank the management for their invaluable support and guidance and my team for helping in every endeavour. We welcome your interest in our school."

Virender Singh